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Booking Calendar Contact Form

booking calendarWith the Booking Calendar Contact Form (a WordPress plugin) you can create a classic contact form or a booking form with a reservation calendar, optionally connected to a PayPal payment button. The reservation calendar lets the customer select the start (ex: check-in) and end (ex: checkout) dates.

This plugin contains all the features present in the plugin CP Reservation Calendar plus an additional set of features. If you are looking for the pro version of the CP Reservation Calendar then you should get the pro version of the Booking Calendar Contact Form plugin on this page.

There are two types of bookings available in the calendar configuration: full day bookings or partial day bookings. With full day bookings the whole day is blocked / reserved while in partial day bookings the start and end dates are partially blocked as used for example in room/hotel bookings.

The reservation calendar is an optional item, so it can be disabled to create a general purpose contact form. The PayPal feature is also optional in the pro version.


The main features are:

  • Booking form optionally connected to PayPal(*)
  • Reservation / booking calendar with optional availability verification
  • Season management: Configuration accepts different prices for different dates (ex: low / medium / high season prices, special date's prices, etc...)
  • Weekly bookings supported
  • Fixed days bookings supported
  • Supports full-day bookings or partial day bookings as used in hotels / room reservations
  • Allows to disable/hide the calendar to convert the booking form in a general purpose contact form
  • Visual form builder for customizing the contact form (add/edit/remove form fields)
  • Optional services field with support for multiple prices, multiple services or additional items
  • Discount codes management
  • Multiple colors for marking dates on the booking calendar
  • After selecting the dates, the booking price is calculated and shown below the calendar.

Other features

  • Supports multiple calendars and contact forms (ex: a calendar for each room or item that you are offering, or different contact forms)
  • Lets to assign a user to each calendar, this way users with editor access will access their own calendars
  • Built-in captcha anti-spam protection
  • Easy visual selection of the start and end dates
  • Configurable email texts
  • Configurable validation messages
  • Can export the calendar's data to iCal format (Ex: Google Calendar, OutLook)
  • List of bookings with print option
  • Several configurable fields, settings and behaviors (date format, min/max dates, block dates, etc...)

* Note: Some of the features are fully present only in the Professional version

Live demo

You can test the following live demo of the pro version:


Basic Version
  • Limited to one calendar
  • Doesn't allow to disable the Paypal payments
  • Visual Form Builder not included
  • Limited features (see features in PRO version)
  • Doesn't include technical support (60 days of support service can be purchased for us$25)
download Booking Calendar Contact Form
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Professional Version
  • Paypal payments are optional (configurable)
  • Visual Form Builder included
  • Supports the additional services field
  • Supports multiple calendars / forms
  • Supports coupons/discount codes
  • Exports to iCal format
  • Can be used also as a Widget
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Includes all future updates and improvements made to this version
  • Includes 60 days of technical support
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The cost of the pro version is a one-time payment required to download it. The one-time payment gives you right to use the plugin in your websites for an unlimited time, access to future updates and access to 60 days of free technical support.