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Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar is a WordPress plugin for accepting online bookings from a set of available time-slots in a calendar. The booking form can be linked to a PayPal payment process.

This plugin contains all the features present in the plugin CP Appointment Calendar plus a large additional set of features. If you are looking for the pro version of the CP Appointment Calendar then you should get the pro version of the Appointment Booking Calendar plugin on this page.

You can use it to accept bookings for medical consultation, classrooms, events, transportation and other activities where a specific time from a defined set must be selected, allowing you to define the maximum number of bookings that can be accepted for each time-slot.


The main features are:

  • The customer can book an available time slot from a defined set.
  • The booking form can be optionally connected to a PayPal payment page
  • You can define the capacity for each time-slot. After filling the capacity with the bookings the time-slot in hidden to prevent duplicated bookings.
  • A notification email is sent to the specified email addresses (one or more) after each booking (after paid if the online payment is required).
  • A confirmation email is sent to the user after each booking (after paid if the online payment is required).
  • Supports multiple calendars (ex: one calendar for each event or classroom).
  • You can assign a user to each calendar. Great for multi-author blogs where each author will manage his own calendar.
  • Users with "Editor Access Level" can see and edit only their own calendars.
  • Exports to iCal format (Google Calendar, Outlook). Note: Import option not available yet.
  • Includes captcha validation for preventing spam.
  • Each calendar has a printable list of bookings.
  • You can define coupons/discount codes.
  • There is a custom optional "Services" field that supports multiple prices (drop-down list)
  • You can edit the text of the notification/confirmation emails.
  • Allows defining the product name at PayPal, the currency, the PayPallanguage and amount to pay for a booking (you can set zero to let the user pay/donate the desired amount).
  • Allows defining the working days, the exact time slots available and the capacity of each time slot.
  • Multi-page calendar: You can setup it to show many months at once.
  • Multiple time-slot selection: The custom can book many time-slots at once if allowed in the settings.
  • Configurable date format: mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy
  • Supports both am/pm and military time.
  • Export appointment data to CSV / Excel files.
  • You can define the start day of the week.
  • You can define the minimum available date and the maximum available date for the bookings.
  • Email reminders for appointments.
  • You can block specific dates.
  • You can overwrite the default time-slots for specific dates.
  • Pretty modern administration interface.

* Note: Some of the above features are fully present only in the professional version.

Live demo

You can test the following live demo of the pro version:


Basic Version
  • Limited to one calendar
  • Doesn't support coupons/discounts
  • Doesn't support the "Services" field with multiple prices
  • Doesn't have an option to disable the PayPal payment
download Appointment Booking Calendar
Direct download link.
No registration required.
Professional Version
  • Supports unlimited calendars
  • Supports coupons/discount codes
  • Includes the optional "Services" field with multiple prices
  • Allows to disable the PayPal payment requirement
  • Visual Form Builder for customizing the form
  • Email reminders for the appointments
  • Can be used also as a Widget
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Includes all future updates and improvements made to this version
  • Includes 60 days of technical support
Preferred payment & download method:
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After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

The cost of the pro version is a one-time payment required to download it. The one-time payment gives you right to use the plugin in your websites for an unlimited time, access to future updates and access to 60 days of free technical support.