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Since early 2005 we have been offering tools and extension for Web developers, so far mainly extensions for Dreamweaver, extensions for Joomla, remotely hosted services, independent scripts and others. Now we are also offering our scripts packaged as WordPress plugins to make them available to more people, more websites. We provide both free full-functional and professionally supported plugins for WordPress, the main difference between the free and professional versions is the type of support service offered.


Music Player for WooCommerce Music Player for WooCommerce - 22 Jul, 2016
Music Player for WooCommerce includes the MediaElement.js music player in the pages of the products with audio file...

Payment Form for PayPal Pro Payment Form for PayPal Pro - 08 Jul, 2015
PayPal Payment Pro form to accept credit cards directly into your website.

CP Polls CP Polls - 21 Oct, 2014
WordPress plugin that creates classic polls and advanced polls with dependant questions.

Related Posts Related Posts - 29 Jan, 2014
CP Related Posts is a plugin that displays related articles on your website, manually, or by the terms in the conte...

Image Store Image Store - 11 Jul, 2013
Image Store is an online store for the sale of image files: images, predefined pictures, clipart, drawings, vector ...

CP Multi View Calendar CP Multi View Calendar - 19 Apr, 2013
CP Multi View Calendar is an event calendar for WordPress websites that features multiple visualization modes and m...

Contact Form to Email Contact Form to Email - 10 Apr, 2013
Create contact forms and send their data to email addresses. Save the form data into a database, provides reports a...

Loading Page Loading Page - 05 Apr, 2013
Loading Page plugin performs a pre-loading of images on your website and displays a loading progress screen with pe...

Corner Ad Corner Ad - 24 Mar, 2013
Corner Ad is a minimally invasive advertising display that uses any of your webpage's top corners - a position typi...

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Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop
Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop allows to swap the active theme to another one, when your website is loaded on mobile devices o...
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