Product type: Wordpress Plugin

Payment Form for PayPal Pro

This plugin is for integrating PayPal Pro to accept credit cards directly into your website without navigating to a PayPal hosted payment page.

The PayPal integration available in this plugin requires a PayPal Pro account.

If you aren't sure if you have a PayPal Pro account or if you are looking for a classic PayPal Standard integration then use the CP Contact Form with PayPal plugin.

You can check the differences betwen PayPal Pro and PayPal Standard at

With Payment Form for PayPal Pro you can insert a contact form into a WordPress website use it to process credit card payments directly into your website without navigating to an external payment page.

This plugin uses PayPal Payment Pro to process the credit cards. The credit card data is used only to process the payment through the payment API, it isn't stored in the website for keeping it secure.

Once the user has filled the form fields and clicks the submit button the payment is processed and the posted data (excluding the credit card related information) is saved into the WordPress database. The website administrator (the email indicated from the settings) will receive an email with the form data and the user will receive a confirmation/thank you email.

The paid forms will appear in the WordPress settings area with the mark of "Paid" so you can check all the details and contact the user if needed.

Note: If you are looking for a similar plugin that supports PayPal Standard or optional PayPal payments then check the CP Contact Form with PayPal.


The main features are:

  • Supports PayPal Payment Pro to accept payments directly into your website without navigating to PayPal
  • Supports many contact forms into the same WP website, each one with its own prices and settings.
  • You can customize the notification email details, including from address, subject and content.
  • Includes optional captcha verification.
  • Supports discount codes/coupons. (*)
  • Supports HTML formatted emails (*)
  • Can be tested with the PayPal Sandbox
  • Upload fields included / upload processing (*)
  • Accepts optional prices on selectable fields, for example dropdown, checkboxes and radio buttons. Selected prices will be added to the total to bill (*)
  • Exports the submissions to CSV/Excel
  • Includes an advanced Form Builder that lets you to customize the form and field validations. (*)

(*) Some of the features are present only in the commercial version.

Special note: This plugin has been developed by an Official PayPal Partner.


To install the WordPress plugin follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the files into the folder "/wp-content/plugins".
  2. Configure the settings at the administration menu >> Settings >> Payment Form for PayPal Pro (or CP Contact Form with PayPal for the commercial versions).
  3. To insert the contact form into some page or post use the icon that will appear when editing contents:

    insert contact form
  4. After doing that, the shortcode will be inserted into your content. When you preview the content in the public website that tag will be replaced by the payment form.


Basic Version
  • Supports Paypal Payment Pro
  • Read-only form builder
  • Doesn't include technical support (60 days of support service can be purchased for EUR 25)
download Payment Form for PayPal Pro
Direct download link.
No registration required.
Professional Version
  • Supports Paypal Pro, PayPal Standard and optional payment
  • Functional Form Builder included for creating rich forms with payment fields
  • Additional PayPal settings
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Includes all future updates and improvements made to this version
  • Includes 60 days of technical support

After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

The cost of the pro version is a one-time payment required to download it. The one-time payment gives you right to use the plugin in your websites for an unlimited time, access to future updates and access to 60 days of free technical support.