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Product type: Wordpress Plugin

CodePeople Light

CodePeople-Light is a WordPress theme based on jQueryMobile framework supported by the most important mobile devices on the market. CodePeople-Light theme avoids non-essential sections or graphics to reduce scrolling and downloads delay. The settings of CodePeople-Light theme allow to adapt your site's "look and feel" through a simple selection of colors for its main elements.


Some of its features are:

  • Its supported by a big number of mobile devices
  • Remove not essential sections and graphics increasing the adaptability to reduced screens
  • Its based in HTML5 standard allowing semantics webpages
  • CodePeople-Light theme take a wide variety of post formats into account
  • The "look and feel" of theme may be adapted through a simple selection of colors of main elements
  • AJAX is used extensively for theme navigation

CodePeople-Light theme has broad support for the vast majority of all modern desktop, smartphone, tablet, and e-reader platforms:

iOS Android BlackBerry Bada
Windows Phone Palm WebOS Symbian MeeGO
  • Apple iOS,
  • Android,
  • Windows Phone,
  • Blackberry,
  • Palm WebOS,
  • Firefox Mobile,
  • Chrome for Android,
  • Skyfire 4.1,
  • Opera Mobile 11.5-12,
  • Meego,
  • Samsung bada,
  • UC Browser,
  • Kindle 3 and Fire,
  • Nook Color 1.4.1,
  • Chrome Desktop 11-19,
  • Safari Desktop 4-5,
  • Firefox Desktop 4-13,
  • Internet Explorer 7-9,
  • Opera Desktop 10-12,
  • The theme is functional in other platforms and browsers but with non-enhanced HTML experience.

Using the plugin CodePeople Theme Switch is possible to continue using your usual website theme and loading the CodePeople-Light theme only with Mobile Devices.

CodePeople Theme Switch detects when the website is visited from a mobile device and switch the website theme for CodePeople-Light.

Go to CodePeople Theme Switch plugin.

From the website's visitor point of view:

See below some screenshots of theme in action.

Home Page
Home page

Standard Post

Search Box

An example of colors customization

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Basic Version
  • Doesn't include technical support (60 days of support service can be purchased for EUR 25)
download CodePeople Light
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No registration required.
Professional Version
  • Includes 60 days of technical support

After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

The cost of the pro version is a one-time payment required to download it. The one-time payment gives you right to use the plugin in your websites for an unlimited time, access to future updates and access to 60 days of free technical support.